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Highly Recommended
“I had a great experience being represented by attorney Mr. Davidi. He is very professional and will make sure to take care you. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to be represented by an aggressive yet noble attorney. He acts quick and gets you the adequate help as soon as possible.”


Great Attorney!
“I have worked with David before and have nothing but great things to say about him. He is very thorough and knowledgeable, and a wonderful advocate for his clients. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know seeking a personal injury attorney.

Rachel K. Los Angeles CA

You can’t get any better than this. I really appreciate David’s reliability, and knowing that as a young and inexperienced driver that I can count on the services of him and his team really makes me feel safe and confident on the road.

Jay Y. Los Angeles CA

David Davidi’s law firm is the only way to go when in automobile accident. He is the only attorney that I trust. His firmed helped me from A-Z. Highly recommend, won’t go anywhere else.

Ashkan A.

He is very very. Nice and strong attorney. He is the best attorney.

Banaz B.

Professional, friendly, perseverance, honesty, caring. in other words, he doest what it takes to make you happy and succeed. Highly recommend him.

Hana P. Los Angeles CA

I was represented by David Davidi in a car accident I was involved it. I was 7 months pregnant and had to time to deal with anything and I didn’t want to stress. All medical appointment was coordinated for me. I received a great settlement after. I appreciate all the help they gave me.

Luis M. Los Angeles CA

I just had a consultation with Mr. David Davidi through the phone. Although. He didn’ta take my case he was courteous. He patiently explained to me why he couldn’t take my case. He provided me with great legal advice. Which he really didn’t have to. His advice was valuable. I’m grateful for all his advice.

Fred N. Laguna Beach CA

David is one of the most professional attorneys I have ever worked with. He responds lighting quick and is always there for the need of the client. I will definitely go to him the next time I have any legal issues that he can help me with! Would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer who is helpful and has their clients’ best interest in mind!

Tristan B. Pasadina, CA

Honest ! Aggressive ! Responsive !
The very hard to find combo at attorney’s offices now days!
My family was placed in a very bad situation because of this accident but he fought for us all the way and we are very pleased with the high level of customer service and the care and the handsome settlement !
Thank you Mr. Davidi ! You are one of a kind !

Jocob R. Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for always providing excellent legal service. The staff along with attorney Davidi have always been quick to act and extremely professional. Although going to an attorney is always stressful they really do try to keep you in the loop with all the facts and the costs associated. I did greatly appreciate that.

Mike Z. ​Los Angeles CA

I was driving down the 110 freeway and was side swiped by a tesla driver that seemed to think that he was losing a race. My car was totaled, and my medical bills were starting piled up.

I was referred to David Davidi through my neighbor that told me to just give David Davidi a call, I made the call and 9 months later I am here writing this review.

This review is me passing it forward, soooooo if you were in an accident and need an amazing attorney that knows exactly what he is doing and will get you everything that you deserve just call David Davidi.

David Davidi saved my life!

Vincent T. Los Angeles CA

David was amazing as he represented me in my case which involves a car accident. I would highly recommend him to everyone!!! He was very patient and walked me through the process. And he got me a good settlement.

Sasha M. Los Angeles CA

The best service and attorney period. I’ve had a tough time with my incident but it all turned around once I signed up with David. He fought for me. I had a few consultations before here and everyone thought my personal injury case was not very strong. David kicked butt and took care of business. I’ve never been more happy.

Anna F. Los Angeles CA

David’s strong legal knowledge of personal injury and accidents, in addition to his staff’s friendly and resourceful services really make this litigation firm your number one choice!

David always processes all his claims with a high level of attention, diligence and professionalism. I also appreciated his prompt responses to all my questions, when other attorneys usually give you the run-around or keep you waiting on pins and needles for answers.

Located in the heart of Century City, David’s excellent location is convenient for anybody residing within the neighborhoods of Beverly Hills, West LA, Pico-Robertson, and West Hollywood.

“I also appreciated his prompt responses to all my questions, when other attorneys usually give you the run-around or keep you waiting on pins and needles for answers.

Nikki J. Beverly Hills CA

It is rare that an attorney really stops and completely listens and actually cares. Mr. Davidi was very attentive and helpful with my case. He helped with the medical treatment, dealing with insurance issues and making sure I got a great settlement. He really fought for me. His staff was also helpful and kind. Thank you for being there for me through this hard process.