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Madera Construction Site Accident Lawyer

Madera Construction Accident Attorney

Construction is an inherently dangerous industry and regularly reports some of the highest workplace accident rates in the country. If you or a family member recently suffered an injury while working in construction, or if you were hurt as a passerby to an unexpected construction site accident, it’s vital to know your options for recovering your losses. An experienced Madera construction site accident lawyer is a vital resource in this situation.

Experienced Legal Representation for Construction Site Accident Claims in Madera, CA

The team at Law Offices of David Davidi, APLC, has years of experience helping our clients in Madera, CA with all types of injury claims, and we are ready to put our experience to work for your claim. We take time to learn as much as possible about every client we represent, providing them with individualized legal counsel through every stage of their recovery efforts.

If you were hurt while working, state law requires almost every employer to have workers’ compensation insurance. This can provide valuable benefits that help you recover, including paying for your medical care and providing disability benefits for the time you are unable to work after your injury. If this isn’t an option, a personal injury suit against whoever caused your injuries is your optimal path to recovery.

A Madera construction site accident lawyer is the ideal resource to consult in either situation. Law Offices of David Davidi, APLC, can provide comprehensive legal counsel through all stages of a workers’ compensation case and/or personal injury claim to help you recover. Explore our legal excellence in Madera, providing adept assistance across various accident scenarios:

We’ll help establish the full scope of your claimable damages and determine the ideal way to recover the compensation you legally deserve.

What to Expect From Your Madera Construction Site Accident Lawyer

If you were injured while working in construction, a workers’ compensation claim is similar to any other type of insurance claim. However, you face the added complication of your employer’s role in the claim filing process. Your attorney can help you file your claim, ensuring that your employer and their insurance carrier both handle the claim in good faith and fulfill their responsibilities under state law.

If you must file a personal injury claim against whoever caused your injury, your attorney can be invaluable for the help they can provide in maximizing your recovery. The right attorney can not only assist you with filing the actual claim but may also uncover avenues of compensation you may have overlooked on your own. In California, the plaintiff in a personal injury suit has the right to seek compensation for:

  • Medical expenses, including the cost of future medical care for serious injuries.
  • Lost income and lost future earning capacity if they are disabled from their injury.
  • Property damage, if the defendant damaged or destroyed their property.
  • Pain and suffering, which is not capped in most personal injury claims, can potentially form the bulk of your final case award.

FAQs About Madera, CA Construction Site Accident Laws

How Much Can I Receive in Workers’ Compensation After a Construction Site Accident?

If you are injured while working, you are likely covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy. This insurance provides financial relief after any injury at work, covering the injured worker’s medical expenses and providing ongoing income replacement benefits until they are able to return to work. Your Madera construction site accident lawyer can help ensure you receive appropriate benefits for your claim.

Can I Sue My Employer for an Injury at Work in Madera?

In most cases, no, you cannot sue your employer in response to an injury at work. Workers’ compensation insurance insulates employers from civil liability for most workplace injuries, but there are exceptions to this. If your employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance or if they somehow caused your injury intentionally, you would have grounds for a civil suit. You could also have grounds for legal recourse against a third party.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim for a Construction Site Accident in Madera?

You may be able to recover workers’ compensation benefits, which can include full medical expense coverage and limited disability benefits until you recover. However, if a specific party is directly responsible for the harm you suffered, it can form grounds for a personal injury claim. This could enable you to recover compensation for damages that workers’ compensation insurance won’t cover, such as your pain and suffering.

Why Should I Hire a Madera Construction Site Accident Lawyer?

Hiring legal counsel is not strictly required after your accident, but doing so will tremendously improve the quality of your total recovery. The right attorney can help with a workers’ compensation claim and, if you have grounds for further legal recourse, guide you through a personal injury suit against whoever caused your injury. You’re more likely to succeed with all your recovery efforts when you have an experienced attorney representing you.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Madera Construction Site Accident Lawyer?

The attorneys at Law Offices of David Davidi, APLC, accept personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, so there are no upfront or ongoing attorneys’ fees when you choose our firm to represent your case. Instead, our firm will take a percentage of your final case award, and only if we win your case. If our team is unable to secure compensation for you, you owe nothing in legal fees.

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An experienced Madera construction site accident lawyer can be an incredible asset when it comes to maximizing your recovery after any kind of injury in the workplace. Whether you were hurt while working or a nearby construction site accident injured you, it’s important to reach out to legal counsel you can trust as soon as possible. Contact Law Offices of David Davidi, APLC, today to schedule a free consultation with a Madera construction site accident lawyer.


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