Modesto, CA, 2024 Car Accident Statistics

Modesto, CA, 2024 Car Accident Statistics
Dec 18, 2023

Modesto has recently ranked among the worst cities in the state when it comes to the local car accident rate, both for the number of total accidents and the number of accident fatalities. Knowing the area’s most recent car accident statistics can help you understand the risks you face on the road, and it is vital to remember the value of working with a California car accident lawyer if you are hurt in an accident.

Accident Trends in Modesto, CA

Various government agencies and nongovernment organizations collect vehicle accident data throughout the state each year, releasing various reports that show drivers important statistics and reveal important trends regarding road safety in their areas. According to the most recently available data, Modesto is one of the most dangerous cities for driving in the state. The California Office of Traffic Safety recently ranked Modesto as the third most dangerous city.

One of the most dangerous roads in the Modesto area is Highway 99 along the Modesto Central Valley, which has a reputation as one of the most dangerous highways in the state. Traffic moves faster on highways than on most other roads, so when accidents happen, they have a high chance of causing tremendous damage. Accidents are also likely to occur in the areas with the heaviest traffic congestion.

Most of the accidents reported in the Modesto area happened because of negligence, which is the failure to use reasonable care behind the wheel. Distracted driving, moving violations, and speeding are the most common examples of this. When it comes to fatal accidents, the leading causes include speeding and driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs and alcohol. DUI is one of the most commonly prosecuted crimes in the Modesto area and throughout the state.

Ultimately, you may not be able to always anticipate how other drivers will behave on the road, but you can limit your own risk of causing an accident and absorbing liability for the resulting damages by driving defensively and attentively at all times. When an accident happens in Modesto because of another driver’s negligence or misconduct, you will need reliable legal counsel to help you recover as fully as possible.

Recovering From an Accident in Modesto

If you are hurt in a vehicle accident in Modesto, it’s vital to know how to recover from the situation and secure compensation for your damages. A Modesto car accident lawyer is an invaluable asset after any such incident and can provide comprehensive support for all the legal efforts you must attempt in order to recover your losses.

Every driver in the state is required to have auto insurance that meets basic coverage requirements, and filing an insurance claim is typically your first option for recovering from an accident someone else caused. Once you prove fault, you file your claim against their insurance policy to seek compensation for your damages. An experienced California car accident lawyer can help their client gather various forms of evidence to establish liability for their damages.

Filing an insurance claim is more likely to yield positive results when you have an experienced attorney on your side. After you recover as much as you can through insurance, the next recovery option available to you is a personal injury suit against the at-fault driver. California’s personal injury statutes enable a plaintiff to seek full compensation for their economic damages and as much as they believe to be appropriate for their pain and suffering.


Q: How Many Car Accidents Happen Every Day?

A: According to the most recent data from the California Highway Patrol and various other sources, an average of 1,500 vehicle accidents occur every day throughout the state. These accidents are largely concentrated around the metropolitan areas of the state and happen for many reasons. Most of these accidents happen because of various forms of negligence, but many occur because of illegal misconduct behind the wheel.

Q: What Are the Most Common Causes of Vehicle Crashes in Modesto?

A: Most vehicle accidents in the Modesto area happen because of speeding, distracted driving, and traffic violations such as failure to yield the right-of-way. Another common cause is intoxicated driving. If you are involved in an accident someone else caused, a California car accident lawyer can help gather the evidence you will need to establish liability for your damages.

Q: Is California a No-Fault Car Accident State?

A: The state follows the fault system for resolving vehicle accident cases. This means whoever is at fault for an accident is liable for the resulting damages, and proving fault is an essential first step in the recovery process after any accident. You must identify the driver or drivers at fault for your accident before filing an auto insurance claim and/or personal injury suit seeking compensation for your damages.

Q: What Is the Value of a Car Accident Claim in Modesto?

A: If you are able to prove another party is directly responsible for causing your recent accident, you can hold them accountable for all economic damages related to the accident. These are likely to include your vehicle repair costs, medical expenses, and lost income. You also have the right to claim pain and suffering compensation. A California car accident lawyer can help assess the total value of your claim.

Q: Can I Settle My Car Accident Claim Privately?

A: Yes, it is possible to privately negotiate a settlement for your car accident claim. As long as the defendant accepts liability for the accident and you are both willing to compromise, private settlement could enable you to resolve your accident claim in a fraction of the time that litigation would require. You will need the help of an experienced California car accident lawyer to reach optimal results in your settlement negotiations.

The team at the Law Offices of David Davidi, APLC, provides meticulous and results-driven legal counsel for all types of vehicle accident claims in Modesto and surrounding communities. If you were recently injured in an auto accident that someone else caused, we can help hold them accountable. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation with a California car accident lawyer to learn how we can help.