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Commercial trucking is vital to the economy, and most drivers in Modesto are used to seeing large commercial trucks throughout the area. It’s important for all drivers to not only accept the fact that serious truck accidents can and do happen in the area but also what to do when such an accident occurs. While the process of recovering from a truck accident in Modesto is likely to mirror the recovery process after any other type of vehicle accident, there are several unique variables that could arise in a truck accident case.

Experienced Legal Counsel for Modesto, CA, Truck Accident Cases

The Law Offices of David Davidi, APLC, offer compassionate and detail-oriented legal counsel to victims of truck accidents in the Modesto area. We have helped many clients navigate their cases confidently and secure better results than they initially expected, and we are ready to use our experience and resources to work for you. If you believe another party is responsible for damages you recently sustained, a Modesto truck accident lawyer is the ideal asset to have on your side as you work toward recovery.

Benefits of Hiring a Modesto Trucking Injury Attorney

The right legal team can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of any personal injury claim in Modesto. While it may be possible to handle your recovery on your own, you would be unlikely to reach the same results as an experienced attorney. Many truck accidents result in catastrophic injuries, some of which could leave victims unresponsive. Whether you are pursuing compensation for damages you suffered personally or you are taking legal action on behalf of someone you love, you need a Modesto truck accident lawyer you can trust to guide you through your case.

Not only do truck accidents tend to cause much worse damages than other motor vehicle accidents like car accident, motorcycle accident, uber accident or pedestrian accident, bicycle accident etc, but these cases are also more complex due to the common problems claimants have with proving liability. It’s possible for more than one party to bear fault for your recent truck accident, or you may have little to no recollection of your accident due to the severity of the injuries it caused. Whatever your case entails, an experienced Modesto truck accident lawyer will assist you so that you understand the legal mechanisms in play in your case, identify the extent of legal action you are entitled to take in pursuit of recovery, and what to expect in terms of proceedings during your recovery.

A legal team with the right experience can help an injured truck accident victim accurately calculate the entire scope of economic damages they are legally allowed to claim and assist them in making a strong case for substantial pain and suffering compensation. When you hire the attorneys at the Law Offices of David Davidi, APLC, to represent you after a truck accident, we will take time to carefully review the accident’s effects on your life and your most pressing areas of concern regarding the legal proceedings ahead of you. Our goal is always to smooth out our client’s recovery and help them obtain the greatest compensation possible.

How Do Truck Accidents Happen in Modesto, CA?

Large commercial truck drivers are beholden to a higher duty of care than most other drivers due to the inherently dangerous nature of their vehicles and the fact that they operate these vehicles as their primary job responsibility. When a truck accident happens, the risk of fatal injury is much higher than it would be in most other passenger vehicle accidents. Trucking companies and any employers that hire commercial truck drivers must adhere to applicable regulations set forth by the Department of Transportation, the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA), and various state-level agencies. The state imposes some of the harshest restrictions on commercial trucking, and any violations can have severe consequences for drivers and their employers.

Some of the most common causes of truck accidents involve risk factors unique to trucks. For example, most drivers of standard passenger vehicles do not need to worry about their vehicles tipping or rolling over around sharp turns. However, a large commercial tractor-trailer stands much higher off of the ground and therefore has a higher center of gravity. If the truck is unloaded or loaded improperly, it can easily lose balance around a sharp turn and cause a devastating crash.

Truck accidents may also occur when trucking companies and/or their employees disregard or fail to adhere to trucking industry regulations. For example, if a truck driver operates their commercial vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they can face criminal charges in addition to liability for civil damages they caused to others. If a trucking company failed to meet applicable regulations in the hiring of a driver who causes an accident, vicarious liability could apply, and the employer would share liability for the victim’s damages with their employee.

Distracted driving, speeding, and reckless driving are also commonly cited causes of truck accidents throughout the Modesto area. Whenever a motor vehicle accident happens, the victim has the right to seek compensation from the driver who caused the accident. Your Modesto truck accident attorney can address the complex details of your claim and assist you in proving exactly how it happened and who is responsible.

Damages and Compensation in Your Modesto Truck Accident Case

Once you and your legal team have firmly established liability for the truck accident you recently experienced, you can present your total economic damages and seek compensation from the defendant. The recovery process from a vehicle accident typically involves an auto accident claim followed by a personal injury claim if necessary. Auto insurance can only do so much to compensate for the damages from a serious accident, so most victims will need to secure as much compensation as possible through insurance before filing personal injury claims that can cover the rest.

California law enables the plaintiff of a truck accident claim to seek compensation for:

  • Medical treatment costs, both those incurred immediately after the accident and the long-term health care costs the victim will incur for managing symptoms and recovering as fully as medically possible. Truck accidents can easily cause broken bones, spinal injuries, traumatic brain damage, and a host of other injuries that can require extensive and complex treatment. The defendant will be liable for any and all the medical care you require to reach maximum medical improvement.
  • Lost income, including lost future earning capacity, if the plaintiff cannot resume their job because of their injuries. Your Modesto truck accident attorney can assist you in proving the full amount of wages you lost immediately following the accident. If you cannot return to work, they can aid you in claiming compensation for the future income you could have earned if you hadn’t been injured.
  • Property damages, such as vehicle repair or replacement costs. The at-fault driver’s insurance may cover some of these damages, but anything that insurance can’t cover can be included in a personal injury suit.

Once you calculate the total economic damages you can claim from the defendant, both immediate and future, you may be surprised to discover that your truck accident claim is potentially worth much more than you initially expected. However, your recovery does not end with compensation for your economic damages. You could have grounds to receive punitive damages to reflect the severity of a defendant’s misconduct, but you also can seek compensation for the seriousness of the experience and the pain you suffered.

California law enables a personal injury plaintiff to seek compensation for their pain and suffering in addition to the economic losses they suffered. It may sound impossible to assign a dollar value to something like physical pain or psychological trauma, and there is no limit to the amount you can seek in a truck accident case. However, your claimed pain and suffering compensation must reasonably reflect the seriousness of your condition after your accident. For the best chance of maximizing this aspect of your recovery, you need an experienced Modesto truck accident lawyer you can trust to help you present a compelling case.

Find Your Legal Team Now

Time is a critical factor after any vehicle accident. You have a very limited time in which to file an insurance claim against an at-fault driver, and it’s essential to discuss your case with an attorney before you accept a settlement or even discuss your accident with an insurance claim adjuster. When you hire the Law Offices of David Davidi, APLC, to represent you in a truck accident case, you will have immediate access to the extent of our professional experience.

We will help you identify the party or parties responsible for causing the accident in question and guide you to a suitable result in your case. Our team has helped many clients recover as much as state law allows, and we have the experience and professional resources necessary to handle a wide range of cases. If you are ready to discuss your options for legal action with an experienced Modesto truck accident attorney, contact the Law Offices of David Davidi, APLC, today and schedule a case evaluation with our team.


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