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Car accidents happen every day in the Tulare area and throughout California for many reasons, and it is important for all drivers to know what to do following any accident. The first steps you take after an accident can significantly impact your recovery, and it’s vital to know the value of having a Tulare car accident lawyer to provide guidance during this time. Law Offices of David Davidi, APLC, can provide the legal oversight you need for your recovery efforts.

Helping Car Accident Victims Recover in Tulare, CA

The attorneys at Law Offices of David Davidi, APLC, offer compassionate and responsive legal representation to car accident victims in the Tulare area and surrounding communities. We have years of professional experience handling a wide range of complex cases and can put this experience to work for you in your impending case.

Recovery from a car accident in Tulare, CA typically begins with an auto insurance claim, but dealing with any insurance company can be difficult. You can rely on our firm to help you file your claim and resolve any problems you encounter with the insurance carrier. Once you have your settlement, any outstanding damages can be claimed through a personal injury suit against the driver who caused your recent accident.

Our firm can help you through each step of your recovery process, from gathering the evidence needed to prove fault for your damages to proving the full scope of those damages. We’ll assist you with the insurance claim filing process and help build a cohesive personal injury claim when insurance alone cannot compensate you for your losses. The sooner you reach out to our firm, the sooner we can begin guiding you through your recovery efforts.

How to Prove Fault for a Car Accident in Tulare

Most of the car accidents reported throughout the state each year are the result of negligence, or failure to meet a duty of care in a specific situation. Examples of negligence that commonly cause car accidents in the Tulare area include:

  • Distracted driving, which is one of the most commonly cited causes of car accidents throughout the United States each year. Cell phone use while driving is consistently ranked as a leading form of distracted driving despite the state banning the use of cell phones behind the wheel without the assistance of hands-free attachments.
  • Speeding. While it’s relatively common to see drivers slightly exceeding posted speed limits to maintain the flow of traffic, the reality is that any level of speeding is inherently dangerous because it reduces the time and space a driver has to slow down or stop to avoid a crash. Accidents that happen at high speeds are most likely to result in catastrophic or fatal injuries.
  • Moving violations. Running red lights or stop signs, performing illegal turns, or failing to yield the right-of-way are just a few of the most commonly cited moving violations responsible for accidents throughout the Tulare area on a regular basis.

It is also possible for a car accident to occur from illegal misconduct behind the wheel. The most common example of this is driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol, which can lead to fines, driver’s license suspension, and jail time for the at-fault driver. They will also face increased penalties for causing severe bodily harm as well as liability for the victim’s civil damages.

Your Tulare car accident lawyer can help gather the evidence needed to establish fault for your damages. This evidence could include traffic camera footage, testimony from witnesses and others involved in the crash, digital records like the other driver’s vehicle computer data, cell phone records, and more. You must identify the driver responsible for the accident and prove exactly how they caused it before you can recover compensation for your damages.

For more in-depth information about specific types of accidents, explore our expertise in:

Filing Your Auto Insurance Claim in Tulare

The first step in recovering from a car accident is filing an auto insurance claim against the driver who caused the accident. Every driver must have auto insurance that meets basic coverage requirements for bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Your Tulare car accident lawyer can help file your claim and resolve any problems you might encounter with the insurance company.

While most insurers will handle claims in good faith, there is always a chance of encountering unexpected challenges with any auto insurance claim. After you resolve any such issues and receive your settlement check from the insurance company, you can proceed with filing a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver to recover any outstanding damages.

Claimable Damages in a Tulare Personal Injury Claim

A personal injury claim is a legal vehicle through which an injured party can seek compensation for the damages they suffered because of another party’s negligence or misconduct. After proving liability for your recent accident, your Tulare personal injury lawyer can help build a personal injury claim to maximize your recovery. Under California’s personal injury statutes, a plaintiff has the right to claim compensation for:

  • Any medical treatment costs arising from the accident. If you suffered any serious injuries in your recent accident, the defendant is liable for all immediate and future medical care you need to fully recover from your injuries.
  • Lost income. If you cannot work and earn income because of your injuries, the defendant who caused the accident is liable for the lost wages and lost earning potential resulting from the accident. If you are unable to return to work in the future due to the severity of the harm the defendant caused, they are liable for the future income you otherwise would have been able to earn.
  • Property losses. An auto insurance claim may yield some compensation for the vehicle repair costs and other property losses resulting from your accident, but any remainder can be included in your personal injury suit as economic damages.
  • Pain and suffering. The state’s personal injury laws enable an injured plaintiff in a personal injury case to claim as much pain and suffering compensation as they deem appropriate to reflect the severity of their experience and the extent of long-term harm a defendant caused. Your Tulare car accident lawyer can help determine a suitable amount to reflect the physical pain and emotional distress the defendant inflicted.

The attorneys at Law Offices of David Davidi, APLC, can work closely with you through all phases of your recovery, from proving fault to filing an auto insurance claim and building a personal injury case against the at-fault driver. The sooner you reach out to our firm, the sooner we can start helping you with these recovery efforts.

FAQs About Tulare, CA Auto Accident Laws

How Much Should I Expect From a Car Accident Settlement in Tulare?

The total value of your car accident claim could include compensation for property losses, medical expenses, future medical treatment costs for serious injuries, lost income, and lost earning capacity if you were permanently disabled. You can also claim compensation for your pain and suffering, and there is no limit to this aspect of your recovery in a car accident case.

What Happens if an At-Fault Driver Does Not Have Auto Insurance?

If the driver who caused your accident does not have insurance, you can file a claim against your own auto insurance policy if you have purchased uninsured motorist coverage. If not, you will need to proceed with filing a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver to recover your losses. California law requires all drivers to have auto insurance that meets the state’s minimum coverage requirements.

What Happens if I’m Partially Responsible for Causing My Car Accident in Tulare?

If you are found partially liable for your recent accident, you can still claim compensation for your damages but will lose a percentage of your total compensation equal to your percentage of fault. For example, 10% fault means losing 10% of your total compensation, while 40% fault would mean losing 40%. Your Tulare car accident lawyer can be your most valuable asset for minimizing any shared fault assigned to you.

How Long Do I Have to File a Car Accident Claim in Tulare?

If you intend to file any kind of personal injury claim, you must do so within the two-year statute of limitations for personal injury cases. This time limit starts on the date your accident occurred. If you plan to file an auto insurance claim after an accident, you have a much shorter time limit to do this, typically only a few days. Reaching out to an attorney as soon as possible after your accident increases your chances of meeting these deadlines.

How Much Does a Tulare Car Accident Lawyer Charge a Client?

The attorneys at the Law Offices of David Davidi, APLC, accept all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means our client pays a fee only if and when we win their case, and they owe nothing if we are unable to win compensation on their behalf. This ensures that you do not pay more in attorneys’ fees than you win in compensation for your damages, and there is no financial risk to you if your attorney is unable to obtain a recovery.

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Law Offices of David Davidi, APLC, has the experience and skills necessary to resolve the most challenging car accident claims in Tulare. If you believe any other party is liable for your recent accident, it is vital that you connect with an attorney you can trust as soon as possible for the greatest chance of success with your recovery efforts. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation with a Tulare car accident lawyer to learn how we can help.


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