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Tulare Slip And Fall Accident Attorney

When most people think of a slip and fall, they assume these to be minor incidents. While it’s true that many people experience minor slip and fall injuries that are easily treatable with basic first aid supplies, other slip and fall incidents are incredibly damaging, sometimes causing catastrophic injuries. If you or a family member recently suffered a slip and fall on someone else’s property, a Tulare slip and fall lawyer can help you understand your options for legal recourse.

Legal Counsel for Slip and Fall Injury Claims in Tulare, CA

Every property owner has a duty of care to the lawful visitors to their property to ensure a safe premises, and when they fail in this responsibility and injuries occur, they face liability for the resulting damages. The Law Offices of David Davidi, APLC, can provide personal injury representation in Tulare for a wide range of cases, including slip and fall injury claims filed under California’s premises liability laws.

Our firm has an extensive record of successful personal injury cases and the skills necessary to resolve the most challenging civil claims. If you believe another party is responsible for harming you, you can rely on our team to not only assist you in proving fault but also for helping you prove the full scope of your claimable damages. You could be entitled to more compensation than you expect, and our goal is to maximize your recovery.

Recovering From Your Slip and Fall in Tulare

The first legal challenge you are likely to face in a slip and fall injury claim is proving liability for the incident. You must prove that you were legally present on the property to seek compensation from the property owner. The state’s premises liability laws impose a duty of care on property owners that only applies to lawful visitors to their property. Trespassers or intruders who suffer slip and fall injuries cannot sue property owners for their damages.

Once you have proven you were legally present on the property, you must then prove that the property owner failed in their duty of care to maintain reasonably safe premises. This means that your injury must have resulted from a safety hazard that the property owner should have identified as a foreseeable risk and taken steps to correct. A property owner must either fix a foreseeable hazard, post a warning sign, or provide clear verbal warnings of such hazards.

After completing these preliminary steps in establishing liability for your injury, you must then prove the full extent of the damages you suffered. The state’s personal injury laws allow a plaintiff to seek compensation for their medical expenses, lost income, and property damage, and they may also seek repayment of projected future losses like lost earning capacity. Additionally, they have the right to claim pain and suffering compensation from the defendant.

The Law Offices of David Davidi, APLC, can work diligently to build the foundation of your claim, uncover all damages you can seek from the defendant, and streamline your case proceedings to shorten the time it takes for you to recover fair compensation for your losses. The sooner you connect with our team, the more time we have to build a compelling slip and fall injury claim for you.

FAQs About Tulare, CA Personal Injury Law

How Much Is a Slip and Fall Accident Worth?

The total value of any personal injury case depends on the severity of the victim’s damages. The victim has the right to seek full repayment of their direct financial losses caused by the defendant’s actions, such as lost income and medical expenses, and they may also claim pain and suffering compensation. An experienced Tulare slip and fall lawyer can help their client uncover all available channels of compensation to maximize their recovery.

How Long Does a Slip and Fall Case Take to Settle in Tulare?

Most personal injury cases are resolved through private settlement negotiations. As long as the parties involved are willing to compromise, they can potentially resolve their case privately within a few weeks. By comparison, litigation for a civil suit can take months or even longer than a year to resolve. Your legal team can provide an estimate of your case’s most likely timetable and help streamline your proceedings.

How Does Comparative Fault Work in a Slip and Fall Claim?

California enforces a pure comparative fault rule that applies in any civil case in which multiple parties share fault for the damages cited in the claim. If a plaintiff is found partially liable, they lose a percentage of their case award equal to their percentage of fault. For example, if you are found 25% liable for your damages, you would lose 25% of the total compensation won from the defendant.

Why Should I Hire a Tulare Slip and Fall Lawyer?

In Tulare, California, even if fault for your damages seems perfectly clear to you, the actual legal process of holding a defendant accountable and recovering compensation for your losses is likely to be far more challenging than you may expect. If you tried to handle the case on your own, you would face many legal challenges that you would not know how to overcome and would risk your recovery.

What Will It Cost to Hire a Tulare Slip and Fall Lawyer?

The team at the Law Offices of David Davidi, APLC, uses a contingency fee billing system for personal injury cases. This means that our client pays a percentage of their final case award as our fee, and we collect this fee only if we win their case. There is no risk of paying more for legal representation than you win in compensation for your damages, and you pay nothing if our team is unable to secure a case award for you.

Contact An Expert Tulare Slip and Fall Lawyer Today

Count on our legal team’s expertise in managing cases involving a variety of accidents:

The Law Offices of David Davidi, APLC, have the experience and professional skills necessary to guide our client through a challenging premises liability claim. If you believe you have grounds to seek compensation for a recent slip and fall accident, we can help. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a Tulare slip and fall lawyer and learn more about the legal services our firm provides.


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